PanPac® Fully Automatic

The PanPac® fully automated bulk bagging system is a high-speed filling & closing system especially designed for automatically processing 1,2,& 4 loop bulk bags in industrial applications.


This is a versatile unit covering precision bag presenting, filling, and closing.  This versatile system caters to the full range of bulk bag types and can be retro-fitted into existing process lines or supplied as a complete turn-key solution. With space efficient design and immediate improvements in productivity and health & safety these systems are providing an outstanding ROI to many industrial processes across the globe.


180 bags per/hour


Bulk, Stacked or Reel fed, 1,2 & 4 loop


  • Outputs up to 100+ bulk bags per hour depending on product characteristics
  • Space efficient design
  • Rapid installation
  • No operator requirement
  • Bag stacking capability
  • Full safety fencing and guarding solutions
  • Operator’s access platform
  • Agri: Seeds, cereals, cattle feed, pet-foods, premixes…
  • Foodstuff: Flours, semolina, pulses, sugar…
  • Chemical and Petrochemical: fertilizers, plastic granules…
  • Building and mining: Sands, gravels, sepiolite, perlite, salt, glass, frit…
  • Recycling: Biomass pellets, compost…


  • 1, 2 or 4 Loop bulk bag handling
  • Anti-corrosive versions to handle highly aggressive products
  • Automatic pallets in-feed and automatic evacuation of the full pallets
  • Extensive range of set-up configurations available
  • Range of zoned control options
  • Complete dust control options
  • Full range of bag and pallet conveying
  • Ancillary bag conditioning options
  • Labelling and marking options


With over 160 of these systems successfully installed worldwide, this market leading FIBC technology is modular, scalable and user friendly and has been developed with the intention of transporting bulk products through the entire distribution chain, efficiently, economically and safely. Significant throughput capacity of up 120 FTBC units per hour on a single line.