5 Tips for Buying Packaging Equipment

When it comes to buying industrial packaging equipment, there are hundreds of options available. Packaging machinery is a big investment decision for your business, you’ll want to take the time to research and invest due diligence into the process. But with so many options out there, how can you know if the machinery is suitable for your business?

In this article, we will discuss 5 Tips for Buying Packaging Equipment to assist you while considering the purchase of new machinery. 

Safety is Always First

When it comes to investing in new packaging machinery, it is always wise to start by considering the safety concerns surrounding packaging machinery. Reach out to a local vendor and request information about local safety standards for different types of machinery that you will be buying. For instance, risk assessment documentation is necessary to ensure the safety of your employees. By conducting a risk assessment, you can be sure that your packaging line is running at the optimum level of safety, thus your employees are working with the lowest possible risk.

When choosing a vendor for your packaging machinery, make sure that safety is of the highest priorities when it comes to their products. The safety of your employees and their environment must be a key focus of your industrial packaging systems. As time goes on, it is recommended to do an additional risk assessment regularly. This will be helpful, especially when adding new machinery or rearranging the current structure of your packaging line.

Get Familiar with the Different Types and Brands 

There are numerous types of packing machinery, coming from various different brands. Each brand offers different strengths and weaknesses. Researching a few different brand offerings for each piece of process equipment you are planning to invest in is a very important step. By doing so, you can be sure that you have chosen the right machine for your company’s budget, needs, and capabilities.

In addition, machines will need maintenance and service over time. Sometimes, it needs annual maintenance, while other machines may need semi-annual or even quarterly maintenance. It is very important to look into the machine’s design – does it consist largely of proprietary parts or easy to source parts? . To help you with this process, it is advised to work hand-in-hand with a packaging machinery expert or ask for a custom automation solution, so you can buy the equipment that suits your unique business needs.

Consider your Company’s Previous Experience and Goals

In order to understand the cost of your packaging machinery, you must first understand the particular needs of your company, the type of equipment you already have, and the additional options you want for your specific applications. If your company has worked with similar industrial packaging machines before and you are looking to upgrade, it might be best to learn from experience and work from there. Get your key people together, such as from machine maintenance, cleaning, operation, and safety. Listen to their suggestions on how we can improve the existing packaging equipment. This meeting will tell you exactly what you currently have, and how you can improve on the new equipment.

More importantly, assess your business and determine your objectives before you start contacting vendors. What is your main goal with the new machine? Is it simply to increase productivity, or is the machine part of a long-term plan to enter a new market? What are the production requirements for the smallest and largest products? By gathering this important information beforehand, it will be much easier to find the right automated packaging equipment that satisfies your demand.

Cost-Benefit Analysis

It is only logical to perform a cost-benefit analysis before making a big decision. When it comes to the cost of your packaging equipment, you need to weigh your options wisely. For instance, you have the option to either buy new, used, or refurbished equipment. Each of these three options come with very different price tags, and have significantly different strengths and weaknesses. Moreover, do not ignore the cost of regular maintenance and repairs in the future. A regular maintenance plan will greatly reduce downtime and the risk of irreparable damage.

While it is true that packaging machinery comes with a significant up-front financial cost, the benefits they bring are often worth their price tag. If the speed of getting your product to market is an important dynamic for your business, then time becomes a huge concern. Packaging machinery allows you to package more products per hour than physical labor and do so more efficiently, thus it offers greater benefits for you when compared to manual workers. Packaging equipment is more reliable in terms of the quality of outputs it produces, as it doesn’t get sick, tired, sleepy, or commit any other human errors.

Other Important Considerations for Buying Packaging Equipment

Another important consideration is whether the machine can grant you greater flexibility with tool-less changeover. A Tool-less Changeover means that the machine can switch quickly between different pack sizes, different grids and different tasks, without the need of screwdrivers, wrenches, or other tools. This is a must for companies that produce a variety of products, since it reduces downtime associated with product changeover and thus improves packaging line efficiency.

Each packaging equipment range has its own unique character. Whether you prefer robotic packaging systems or manual ones, use these five tips to guide you in your purchasing decisions and to help ensure that your industrial packaging equipment brings you only the best results. Working with a packaging automation expert from the start will save you money and time, and it certainly will help you avoid many unprecedented pitfalls.

At Aurora Process, we are here to make packaging automation easier for you, no matter what your business does. Unlock your Packaging Potential today with us. 

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