We love automation

We want to help Australian and New Zealand businesses with technology to compete on the world stage.

We are here to solve the growing challenges for rural and metro Australasian manufacturing:
• sourcing & maintaining manual labour
• evolving packaging requirements
• increasing global competition
• health & safety compliance

We are SPECIALISTS in industrial end-of line packaging

We work closely with a variety of manufacturing industries – such as grain and seed, milling, stockfeed, fertilizer, landscape product and cement manufacturers – providing equipment, consumables and services that increase packaging capability, efficiency, and versatility.

Our area of expertise are companies that package dry product in 5 kg to 1-ton+ weightments. We provide an end-to-end service including specification, manufacture, installation, commissioning, and training.

Our servicing teams cover a lot of territory to ensure your critical process is running the way it should be and providing you peace of mind that we’re only a phone call away.

Systems to…

• Increase production capacity and up-time
• Reduce the need for manual labour (seasonal or otherwise)
• Improve packing accuracy & presentation
• Remove manual handling health and safety issues
• Get useful data and insights from the packaging operation
• Launch new products & packaging
• Reduce wastage costs and much more… it’s a long list!

Our work with you is personal


We put a lot of value on face to face discussion and on-site evaluation and scoping. Experience has taught us that – even in this increasingly digital world – this approach is key to truely understanding what our clients need along with the best way for our team to build on our industry and market knowledge regardless if you are in the outback or city centre!

We approach things differently


We know you don’t have time to waste, nor are you interested in wading through piles of technical product information… therefore, our approach is refreshingly different to most.

First we understand and validate your needs, then run the numbers on different solutions. There is little point creating a packaging solution that does not address your real needs or is too expensive to be commercially viable. We help you evaluate ROI and other critical considerations, right through to preparing virtual product experiences and demonstrations. The more work done up-front the better for you and your stakeholders… then the fun part can start!

We like to call it The Aurora Way.

The Aurora way

We’ve got city and rural areas covered

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