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Across Australia & New Zealand

We provide:
• On-site servicing and repairs
• Robotic and mechanical palletiser technicians
• Bag filling and closing equipment servicing and repair
• Guaranteed quality workmanship
• Fully trained repair technicians
• Rapid turnaround options available
• AR & VR
• Remote service and support available

Packaging Consultants
Need to talk to a packaging solution specialist? Perhaps you want a demonstration or some help calculating your ROI? Get in touch with a specialist using the form below.

Equipment & Systems Service Team
Are you looking for some extra support with any of your packaging equipment? Breakdowns, optimisation or want to schedule annual maintenance ? Get in touch with our service team in the form below.

Avoid Breakdowns with Scheduled Maintenance
Aurora understands the cost of each minute of plant downtime and our team of service and support personnel will respond as quickly as possible.

Contact us today to arrange an annual maintenance schedule and let us keep track of your critical maintenance requirements with timely reminders and accurate service records.

Our team of factory trained and certified technicians are available to service our full range of filling, closing, palletizing, and wrapping systems. Loan machines are available.

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