Benefits of Incorporating an Automatic Stretch Wrapping Machine into Your Production Processes

A production process normally flows from product design, engineering, prototyping, manufacturing, and last but not least, packaging. First impressions are very important, and your packaging is often a consumer’s first introduction to your product. At its most fundamental level, product packaging serves to protect the integrity of the product inside. Another key functional aspect of product packaging is to promote and display the product within.

The perfect packaging protects and shields your pallets from dust, moisture, UV, tampering, and much more. Although wrapping pallets may not seem like a technical or advanced concept, hand stretch wrapping may cause inconsistencies that require the process to start over, wasting wrap and causing production downtime. To further streamline your process, an automatic stretch wrapping machine is the solution to improve efficiency without sacrificing quality. 

Here are the five benefits of incorporating an automatic stretch wrapping machine into your production processes. 

Protection of Your Products 

Dust, dirt, or moisture can damage packaging throughout the transportation and storage process. Companies often focus on packaging presentation and protection within their process facility only. However, their product can incur significant damage from the logistics chain resulting in brand damage.  A good stretch wrapping machine will help ensure your brand presentation and reputation are preserved right through to the customer. 

Save Time and Energy 

Manually wrapping pallets, boxes, and other products can prove tedious and time-inefficient, impacting the business’ productivity, especially if consistent packaging is to be expected. However, wrapping your pallets for storage and transportation with an automatic stretch wrapping machine will allow your employees to put their saved time and energy toward maximising other business processes. 

Improved Safety of Your Employees

It is estimated that around 20% of all forklift accidents occur when the operators are on the floor, and not inside the forklift. By using an automatic stretch wrapping machine, you have implemented a safety measure on its own. The machine will ensure that the packaged pallets are safe and ready to be transported by the forklift and truck. 

Save Money on Film Costs 

Although investing in an automatic machine may seem expensive at the start, one of the greatest long-term advantages of automatic wrappers is cost savings. This is made possible by the two-film thread roller system that is utilised by automatic stretch wrappers, in which the second roller operates at a higher speed than the first to stretch the film. As a result, the film’s tensile strength increases and reduces the overall cost. Not only that, but an automatic machine is far more likely to be consistent and tidy than a manual process, which reduces your risk of having to repeat the packaging process and wastes time, film, and energy. 

Boost Productivity

Production process streamlining has always been an important goal for most manufacturing businesses. An automatic stretch wrapping machine allows your business to maximise efficiency without sacrificing the quality of the finished products. Through the placement of the pallet on a conveyor or on a wrapper plate, the wrapping starts and stops automatically, allowing your company to accomplish more in less time. With every machine, the speed and capacity are different, depending on the type of product you are looking to package. 

In Conclusion

Although an automatic pallet wrapping machine may present itself to be a large upfront investment, its long-term advantages certainly outweigh its cost. With that being said, choosing a specific automatic stretch wrapping machine that fulfills your production needs can be challenging to do on your own. 

At Aurora Process, we are happy to assist you in unlocking your Process Potential, as we aim to help businesses to take advantage of everyday automation with confidence through machinery automation & robotics. We are specialists in end-of-line process equipment, such as bag filling machine and pallet automation systems. 

We have worked closely with a variety of clients and industries – including grain & seed, food & dairy, growers, stock-feed, fertiliser, and cement manufacturers. If you are on the lookout for good automated packaging equipment that fulfills your manufacturing needs, feel free to reach out to us and book a free, on-site consultation today. 

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