Ilerbag HS Horizontal FFS Bagging Machine

The Ilerbag HS delivers sustained high performance. The mechanical cycle of the high speed form-fill-seal reaches up to 3000 cycles/hour free of sudden movements and vibrations. Optimisation of packaging consumption is a key feature of this unit.  The product settling system in the bag improves the performance of the tubular reel, achieving optimum filling volumes that will later be translated into better palletisation and wrapping.


Operators enjoy this Ilerbag HS ease of operation with intuitive controls and excellent training resources. The unit enables recipes to be recorded for each product and bag format. This allows the operator to select previously configured recipes for rapid process configuration. 


2,600 bags per/hour


Form, fill, seal


  • Sustained high production level
  • Total automation of the bagging process
  • Reduced downtime
  • Optimised packaging consumption
  • Improved packaging for stable palletising
  • Energy savings
  • Easy operation
  • Easy maintenance, which saves costs
  • Gentle, precise movements during the bagging process
  • Precise weighing
  • Forms gusseted corner seals


  • Anti-corrosion versions for corrosive products.
  • Servo-controlled flow
  • Servo-controlled product compaction system
  • OEE modules and SCADA systems
  • Product collection systems under the bagging machine
  • Mobile platform that moves on rails or wheels