Ilersac H Automatic Thermo Sealing Bagging Machine

The Ilersac H is an automatic bagging machine with a built-in sealing system for pre-formed sealable bags. This unit is used extensively to reliably process pillow type and gusseted bags with precision.


Efficient handling of bag presenting, filling, sealing duties in a compact footprint. This unit specialises in a high standard of finished bag presentation, maintaining bag and gusset shape throughout the process which also contributes to a reliable and precise hermetic seal.

The modular design of the Ilersac H enables components to be added when required such as air extraction and pre-fill bag labelling. Enjoy consistent filling rates and a simple and intuitive operating system.


1000 bags per/hour


Open Mouth, Pre-formed pillow-type, side gussets


  • Up to 1,000 bags per hour
  • Total automation of the bagging process
  • Compact footprint
  • Compact, perfectly sealed bags
  • Versatile configuration
  • Flexible, quick format changes
  • Optimised production at the bagging point
  • Maximum bag closing reliability and quality
  • Pillow or Gusseted Bags


  • Product compaction through vibration from below, lateral blows and probe deaeration, depending on the product’s properties and the type of bag
  • Anti-corrosion versions for corrosive products
  • ATEX versions for work in hazardous zones
  • Construction in Stainless Steel


The Ilersac H Automated Bagger has capacity for processing up to 1000 bags per hour. An industry leading solution for automated filling & closing of thermo-sealable bags.