Ilersac W Automatic Gusset Forming High Speed Bagging Machine

Automatic high-speed bagging machine for open mouth bags with gusset forming. The ILERSAC W has been specifically designed to reliably handle, fill and close polypropylene bags at high speed.


This is a versatile unit that can handle bags with and without side gussets along with rapid adjustment to multiple bags sizes and configurations from 10 to 50kg.

Designed as an automatic bagging machine for use in different industries, the modular design allows the integration of any type of bag marking, coding or labelling, as well as various closing systems either by stitching, sealing or both. 


1400 bags per/hour


Open Mouth PP, WPP, Paper, PE, with or without Gussets


  • High-performance woven PP bagging
  • Total automation of the bagging process
  • Flexible, quick format changes
  • Versatile configuration
  • Optimal adjustment to every bag size
  • Optimised production at the bagging point
  • Easy maintenance


  • Built-in single or multiple bag labelling/marking system
  • Triple empty bag magazine
  • Built-in bag-closing system: heat sealing, sewing, pinch-top, etc
  • Motion control system for belt synchronisation at high speeds
  • Anti-corrosion protection version for highly corrosive work environments
  • ATEX versions for work with explosive products.
  • Stainless steel versions


An industry leading solution for automated filling & closing of WWP open mouth pillow or side gusseted bags. This bagger features an output capacity of up to 1200 bags per hour.