Illerpal W High-Capacity Automatic Palletizer

High capacity high-level layer forming palletizer for overlapping bags. This unit provides excellent pallet presentation. Its palletizing gripper runs alongside a telescopic bag delivery belt, unloading each bag exactly where it should be placed and allowing precise high-speed overlapping bag stacking.


Producing stable pallets, even with products that are difficult to stack, thanks to the lateral and upper conformation of each layer.

The ILERPAL W’s intelligent design allows for rapid bag format changes in a range of 5 to 60 kg without any adjustments. 


1500 bags per/hour


5-60 kg bags, overlapping


  • Up to 1,500 bags per hour
  • Open-mouth bag overlapping at high production levels
  • Optimal finishes at high production levels with open-mouth bags
  • Load stability on the pallet
  • Flexible, versatile format changes
  • Gentle, quiet, precise palletising
  • Energy savings
  • Palletize tall stacks up to 2700mmh
  • 5 Sided Layer Forming & Pressing


  • Cardboard sheet dispenser for empty pallets and/or loaded pallets
  • PE sheet dispenser from the roll for empty pallets, with stapler for securing
  • Side forming with extraction gates
  • Tackle to make changing rolls easier
  • Anti-corrosion versions for corrosive products
  • ATEX versions for work in Classified Zones


This unit features a palletizing rate of up to 1400 bags per hour and it suited to an overlapping bag stack pattern. The Ilerpal W is adaptable to different pallet sizes and can process bags from 5kg to 60kg without adjustment.