Semi-Automatic Rotating Arm Stretch Wrapping Machine For Unstable or Heavy Products

The Torque is the semi-automatic rotating arm stretch film wrapper. Your pallet stays static on the ground whilst the arm rotates around it and wraps it secure. This means your load doesn’t shift during the wrap cycle and you can wrap at higher speeds. As there is no turntable, there’s no weight restrictions.

It has a film carriage with mechanical brake and manually adjustable film tension. The control panel allows adjustment of numerous settings such as arm rotation speed and carriage up/down through to high and low speed setting and end-of-cycle carriage adjustment.



20 Pallets per hour


  • Carriage with manual adjustable film tensioning.
  • Control Panel – Control panel with prompts
  • Arm rotation speed: 7 -11 rpm
  • Max load height: 2000mm
  • Max pallet dimensions: 1200 x 1200mm (other models available for larger pellets)
  • Max load capacity: Unlimited
  • Power: 230V 1 PH 50/60 Hz
  • Progressive start/stop
  • Auto load height sensing


  • Wall mount (no footprint for tight installs)
  • Capacity upgrade
  • Size upgrade
  • Cool store options
  • Corrosive environment options
  • Auto film tensioner
  • Film pre-stretch
  • Top & bottom wrapping
  • Customizable programs