Would a Bulk Bag Handling System Improve Your Business?

Increasingly, manufacturers start to recognise the advantages of automating their packaging processes using a bulk handling system. The reason is simple – when it comes to running a business, efficiency is always the key. The ultimate goal is to spend less and produce more efficiently, hence it is necessary to have the right bulk handling system throughout your warehouse or industrial plant.

Here are 5 ways how a Bulk Handling System can improve your warehouse operations:

Automation Opportunities

Filling a bulk bag typically requires three main steps: rigging/placing the bag, filling the bag, and taking the filled bag away from the machine. Some manufacturers choose to automate their processes step by step, while others may want to improve the whole bagging process altogether. Automating all of these three steps will give you the optimum benefits, helping you to increase your output, and significantly improve your bulk bagging rate. 

An automated bulk bag filling machine can achieve an output of up to 90 bags per hour, while a manual system may only be capable of ten bags under the same timeframe. More bulk bagging systems can be added and sequenced to further increase bag output.   Other automated actions can be added such as de-aeration, cable tying, labeling, and bag conditioning. 

Accurate Data Collection

In order for the warehouse management team to make strategic business decisions, they will need to obtain relevant production-related information. However, manual data collection can have a significant price tag attached to it and will require a lot of time and effort to produce. This is because manually collected data needs to be cross-checked and verified for accuracy and consistency before they can be used for decision making.

On the other hand, an automated bulk handling system will gather the production data automatically, which guarantees much higher accuracy and saves a lot of resources. As such, management will be able to obtain the most recent data before embarking on any important decision.

Enhanced Workplace Safety and Security

A safe workplace is crucial to maintain warehouse operations. In a factory setting, the risk of workplace injury is relatively higher compared to an office setting due to the repetitive and strenuous motions – such as bending, heavy lifting, and reaching. The injuries might also be due to human errors, as sometimes staff needs to work overnight shifts to keep orders flowing out the door on time, which may have huge consequences to your business. In order to minimise these risks, facilities can invest in automation to drastically improve ergonomic conditions, alleviate labor issues and enhance overall productivity. 

A fully automated bulk bagging systems help to improve workplace safety as the machine does all the heavy jobs that often expose staff to injuries, such as filling and palletising. Automated warehouse machines run with utmost efficiency, fulfill orders with complete accuracy, and use significantly less space than a traditional, manual layout. By doing so, warehouses will be able to easily keep up with the flood of orders during peak periods without putting humans at risk.

Increase Production Rate

Warehouses typically use either manual, semi-automatic, or automatic processes and equipment – or a combination of all three – to keep their operations flowing continuously. Investing in the right types of material handling equipment, intelligently organising your warehouse, and implementing an effective management system will help you streamline and enhance your packaging operations. With an effective bulk handling system in place, your business will be able to fulfill orders in the most efficient way possible, thus increasing your production rate and avoid any delays or errors.

However, bulk handling processes are not one-size-fits-all – there are many ways to customize your systems and procedures based on your specific needs. The above-mentioned benefits can only be realised when appropriate bulk bag filling equipment is used, so be sure to choose the right equipment that is best suited for your warehouse.


In conclusion, the answer is yes – a bulk handling system can greatly improve your business. The savings in costs, material handling, warehousing, and transportation can be substantial. If you want to improve your business’ effectiveness and rate of production, it is worth considering an investment in bulk handling systems, such as bulk bagging systems and bulk bag filling machine

The more efficient your handling is, the lower your bottom line costs will be. At Aurora Process, we can help you with industrial packaging equipment from start to finish – be it filling, closing, conveying, palletizing, wrapping & control. If you are looking for robotic automation companies to assist with your organisation, be sure to contact us today.

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