Resene Construction Systems


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Couldn't reach production targets, manual labour issues


Boosted production capacity and reliability and removed manual labour risk and issues


Couldn't reach production targets, manual labour issues


Boosted production capacity and reliability and removed manual labour risk and issues

Valve Bagger and Robotic Palletizer Line



    • Fanuc Robotic Palletizer
    • Ilersac VBF Automatic Valve Bagger
    • Ultrasonic Valve Sealing
    • Ilergir Automatic Pallet Wrapper
    • Pallet Top Sheeter
    • Pallet Dispenser & Conveying
    • Install, integration, service

‘Their knowledge and expertise with the equipment is quite outstanding really, and really easy to deal with, during the project and also after the project’

‘Aurora have a very friendly family orientated business and very easy to deal with.’

Resene Construction Systems, a division of the Resene Group, is a leading supplier to the construction market. They identified the need to enhance their manufacturing plant’s efficiency by reducing manual labor and increasing production output.

Aurora integrated a full end of line automation system, encompassing an automatic valve bagger equipped with ultrasonic sealing technology. This seamlessly connects to a state-of-the-art robotic palletizing and pallet wrapping system.

Key Benefits:

Increased Production Capacity:

The automated packaging line significantly elevated Resene’s production capacity. This has enabled the company to meet increasing demand while maintaining high-quality standards and not having to increase personnel.

Elimination of Repetitive Manual Labor:

The implementation of automation technology eliminated hazardous and repetitive manual tasks. This resulted in a safer and healthier work environment for Resene’s operators.

Reliable Production Process:

The automated system ensures consistent and reliable production runs. This newfound predictability has facilitated accurate forecasting and planning for Resene Construction Systems.

Optimized Pallet Stacking:

The valve bags are now stacked perfectly on the pallet, enhancing brand exposure and ensuring a weather tight and visually appealing presentation of products in storage and transit.

Improved Operator Conditions:

Operators no longer need to work in dangerous, dusty conditions. The automation solution has created a more comfortable and secure working environment, positively impacting job satisfaction and employee morale.

Outcomes: The successful implementation of the automated packaging line has significantly enhanced Resene Construction Systems’ manufacturing operations. It has not only boosted production efficiency and capacity but also elevated the overall quality of work life for its operators.

This project serves as a testament to Resene Construction Systems’ commitment to innovation and operational excellence within the construction industry. The collaboration with Aurora has yielded a transformative solution that sets a new industry standard for efficiency, safety, and product quality.


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