Semi-Automatic Turntable Stretch Film Pallet Wrapper

The new generation of turntable stretch wrapping machines that is redefining the standards of reliability and productivity in the industry. Italian engineering at its best!

The Axis is at the forefront of reliability and productivity and is designed with a focus on ease of use thanks to new user-friendly multifunctional panels and a turntable designed for stabilising light and irregular loads.



  • 2 user-friendly and innovative control panels (X4 and X5 controls), useful for programming and monitoring all machine cycles, with the possibility of modifying film pull levels and customising wrapping programs.
  • 3 different carriages with a film pulling device through an electromagnetic brake, adjustable from the control panel.
  • 5 -12 rpm rotation speed
  • 1650 to 1850mm diameter plates
  • Synchronized stop
  • Soft start & stop
  • Load height detection
  • Forklifatble
  • Ramps



  • Remote  connection
  • Electromagnetic film stretching device
  • 150-300% motorized film pre-stretch
  • 150-400% twin motorized film pre-stretching
  • Capacity upgrade
  • Size upgrade
  • Cool store options
  • Corrosive environment options
  • Top & bottom wrapping