Simple and reliable. Semi-automatic turntable for straightforward low-to-medium duty pallet wrapping.

Eco has been designed by combining the best packaging technologies with innovative Italian engineering, while also meeting the strictest international safety standards.

Adjustable acceleration and deceleration phases of the turntable ensure maximum safety when handling unstable loads. These features, together with the new carriage line and the “X3” control panel, make Eco simple, sturdy and reliable.



  • Plate Diameter : 1650mm
  • Plate Rotation:  5 -12 rpm
  • Power: 230V 1PH 50/60Hz
  • Soft/progressive Start & Stop
  • Plate Capacity: 2000kg
  • Height detection photocell
  • Front & rear forklift capability


Eco 302

Carriage type: Mechanical brake
Film stretch:  Manual adjustment

Eco 310

Carriage type: Electromagnetic brake
Film stretch: Adjustable from panel

Eco 312

Carriage type: Power pre-stretch motorized
Film stretch: Potentiometer