FUJI EC-201 Robotic Palletizer

Through many years of research and development the EC-201 robot is one of the most technologically advanced robotic palletizes on the market today. With three EC-201 models to choose from, Fuji offers a solution for High Speed (HS), Heavy Weight (HD) and/or Super Heavy Weight (W) applications.


Programme Simplicity – Fuji’s world leading palletizing software has been developed to provide operator friendly interface within the robot function and product menus

Unique Design Advantage – World’s fastest palletizing robot with unmatched stacking accuracy

High Speed with Energy Efficiency – 30% less power consumption than alternative brand palletizers!

Minimal Maintenance – Onboard diagnostics and service pop-ups ensure years of reliability and trouble-free operations


1800 bags per/hour


5-60 kg bags (heavy & super-heavy bag options avaliable)


  • Highest capacity robot with up to 1800 cycles per hour, or idle at 100 cycles per hour
  • Cutting edge controller allows operator to programme stack patterns and adjust pallet or product types with diagnostics and step-by step human interface, saves calling in a robot technician
  • Low power consumption using only 3.5 kVA
  • Semi or fully automated system to eliminate health and safety concerns and labour sourcing
  • Daily performance delivered 24/7 with consistent productive output


  • Single or multi-lane configurations
  • Range of grippers available
  • Pallet dispensing – optioned automation of pallet feed and discharge increases production and reduces forklift movement
  • Pallet Wrapping – full wrapping options available
  • Top sheet applicators
  • Conveyors & accumulation – powered pallet systems and accumulation options to suit varying layouts and space availability
  • Guarding – complete hazardous area requirements for personnel safety
  • Remote maintenance, including augmented reality