Ilerbig H Semi-Auto Bulk Bag Filler

The Ilerbig H is a bulk bag filling system designed for optimized productivity and operator ergonomics.

A single operator can handle the filling station, from the positioning of the bag, to its removal. This units height adjustment capacity, tilting filling spout and its mobile hooks for bag fastening provides easy operation. This also provides reduced cycle time boosting throughput rates.

The intelligent design handles 4-loop and single-loop bulk bags, on pallet or directly on conveyor belts. It is also designed to prevent product residue lodging in the filling lines, thus avoiding contamination between cycles, as it also allows an easy and quick cleaning process. 


60 bags per/hour




  • Up to 60 bulk bags per hour
  • Hygienic design prevents cross-contamination
  • Easy, quick cleaning process
  • Long-lasting components
  • Easy maintenance
  • Ergonomic design for the operator
  • Dust-free work environments
  • Optimised productivity
  • Reduced cycle times
  • Stability when the bulk bag is full
  • Flexible configuration
  • Weight control at all times
  • Ability to double stack bags
  • Handles a wide range of bag sizes
  • Compatible with single and four loop bags


  • Vibration from below working in combination with
    the hydraulic lift system to ensure the product
    settles properly
  • Anti-corrosion versions for corrosive products
  • Special versions for food industry and hygienic environments
  • ATEX versions for work in Classified Zones
  • Turbine to inflate bag
  • Automatic pallet infeed and outfeed through rollers
    or belt-driven rollers (palletless)
  • Cardboard sheet dispenser for empty pallets and/or loaded pallets
  • PE sheet dispenser from the roll for empty pallets, with stapler for securing


This unit features excellent weight accuracy and a throughput capacity of up to 30 bulk bags per hour and is also suitable for hygienic applications where mitigation of cross-contamination is critical.