Valve Stock & Papers

Specialist valves for valve bag manufacturing.


Improve sealing and reduce product contamination. We provide a wide range of valve types for ultrasonic, tuck-in, pressure valves. Custom valves avalible. Our valves are known for consistantly meeting quality parameters, mitigating risk of product recalls and equipment failure. Talk to us about specifying a valve to suit your product, packaging & brand.


  • Excellent placement stability and run speeds
  • Consistent polyethylene weight and width
  • Wide range of sealing frequencies
  • Consistent and demonstrably stronger seal
  • Increased packaging line speeds
  • Improved packaged product protection
  • Significantly shorter lead times
  • Ultrasonic
  • Tuck-in
  • Cuffed
  • Pressure valves
  • Custom Size
  • Reducer style sleevestock available for precision bag manufacturing
  • Paper, PE