Is an Automated Bulk Handling System the way to go?

In today’s economic environment, most companies are aiming to lower their handling costs as much as possible. Automated bulk handling systems make work easier, more timely and effective, and can help to reduce the number of workers needed to perform a task, thus helping manufacturers to lower costs.

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of a well-designed automated bulk handling system.

What is an Automated Bulk Handling System?

Automated bulk handling systems are specialised systems that are built for a specific purpose. It enables manufacturers to manage very high-volume output with minimal manual intervention. These systems are typically designed to manage certain product runs, whether continuous or as batches. The output ranges from individual products to combined products comprising multiple packages. In Australia and New Zealand these systems typically handle product packages up to 1 ton in weight.

The Advantages of an Automated Bulk Handling System

In any form, high-volume handling poses significant challenges for manufacturers. There are three main issues that need to be addressed during the production process.

  1. Labour Efficiency and Increased Safety

For instance, the labor required to perform this bulk bagging by hand is ergonomically challenging, while the time and risk quickly adds up to even higher cost. Manual bagging injuries cost companies millions each year in medical costs and lost labour.

A fully automated bulk bagging systems offers the solution to this challenge, helping businesses to deliver maximum efficiencies at all stages of materials handling. The machine does all the heavy jobs that often exposes staff to injuries, such as filling and palletising. By doing so, you are freeing up your staff from tedious and unproductive duties so they can do more valuable work.

  1. Reduce Human Errors

Other reasons why companies would benefit from an automated bulk handling system is to reduce errors caused by humans. When doing repetitive tasks, the human brain is likely to switch into “auto-pilot” mode, meaning we are not paying full attention to the tasks in our hand. Not surprisingly, overfilled bags are very common in warehouses that still use manual labor. Contamination and product mishandling are other common issues as humans sometimes make mistakes when storing and handling equipment or materials.

An automated bagging machine lowers the risk of human error, as each bulk bag is weighed, filled, and sealed automatedly by the system. The machines are less likely to mishandle expensive materials and will be able to keep its environment sterile at all times, thus you don’t need to worry about the aforementioned issues. 

  1. Time-Saving Benefits

While increased demand for output is always welcomed by any businesses, increasing production to meet the demand is not as easy as it sounds. You can’t just increase your labour by tenfold or expand the areas of production overnight. Moreover, human laborers need to take snack or meal breaks every few hours, as well as many toilet breaks, which could add up to 1-2 hours per day.

On the other hand, a bulk bag filling machine doesn’t need rests in order to function properly, and you can easily program it to fill more orders in less time. Moreover, the machines can improve cycle times, since the material doesn’t need to wait to be transported by a human operator. The time it takes to complete one production cycle becomes shorter and more predictable, which helps to improve cycle time estimates and allows for more accurate due date estimates for customers. 

Therefore, during a period of high demand, you can confidently rely on these machines to finish the job. Be sure to get yours from a trustworthy bag filling machine manufacturer to avoid potential disruptions and ensure a smooth packaging process..


The more efficient your handling is, the lower your bottom line costs will be. Efficient use of labor, reduced excess inventory, better timing and product control, and timely delivery are some of the benefits of having an automated bulk handling system for manufacturers. This is especially helpful with high-volume manufacturing. Moreover, these bag filling machines work diligently and timelessly, which allows you to gain more productivity and value out of every dollar invested. 

Therefore, there’s no doubt that automated bulk handling machines is the right way to go for your company in the long term. At Aurora Process, we can help you with industrial packaging systems from start to finish – be it filling, closing, conveying, palletizing, wrapping. If you are looking for a bulk bagging machine, be sure to contact us today.

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