ACH-ASB Pinch-Top Bag Aligner & Sealer

The ASB machine is designed for aligning and sealing of woven PP bags and paper bags.


This unit uses a proprietary hot air and impulse sealing method for superior seal strength and presentation. A (pre- applied) hotmelt is not needed anymore! This unit can be intergrated into existing filling lines. The folded and sealed top flap is always perfectly aligned (height and angle) without the need of trimming additional WPP fabric off the top after the filling process.  A perfect Pinch closure guarantees a great shelf appearance of your filled WPP Bag.


65 bags per/min


Woven PP, Paper, Plastic Bags


  • Robust construction
  • Intuitive to operate & programme
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Intelligent recipe function
  • Reduced consumable cost (no need for pre-applied hot melt)


  • Electric height adjustment
  • Left to right feed