Ilerfil VBF Robosonic Valve Bagger

Total automation of the valve bag filling process. The VBF Robosonic’s automatic bag feeding arm together with an intelligent recipe configuration allow the bagging process to be performed automatically, from the moment the empty bag is picked up and placed on the bagging spout to the evacuation of the full bag.   


In addition to a high-capacity bag magazine this unit features a compact footprint, thanks to the anthropomorphic robot with a single pick-up point for bags.

The VBF Robosonic is gentle on product thanks to its multi-fluidization options, this valve bagging machine avoids the segregation of heterogeneous products, maintaining product consistency and even distribution within the filled bag.   

Thanks to its enclosure, the VBF unit is able to bag dusty products, while maintaining a clean environment at the bagging point.


600 bags per/hour


Valve, Ultrasonic


  • Up to 600 bags per hour
  • Total automation of the bagging process
  • High degree of autonomy
  • Flexible production
  • Optimised bagging of powder products
  • Consistently heterogeneous mixtures
  • Optimised space
  • Dust-free work environment
  • Product hygiene
  • Adaptability to high hygiene standards
  • Easy cleaning


  • 2 or 3 filling spouts served by a single placement robot
  • ATEX versions for work in Hazardous zones
  • Anti-corrosion versions for corrosive products
  • Anti-abrasion versions
  • Special hygienic design for the food industry
  • Automatic waste product collection and recovery
  • Multi-fluidisation for heterogeneous mixtures
  • Construction in Stainless Steel


With outputs up to 450 bags per hour this filler is well positioned to cover a variety of process size and throughput requirements. The Ilerfil V Manual valve bagger is intuitive to use with no technical training required to operate. This along with being almost maintenance-free ensures this unit is a favourite of leading brands across the globe.