Ilerfil VBF Semi-Auto Valve Bagger

This versatile valve bagger works with fine powders from 1 micron up to 10mm and across a wide range of bag formats.


The intelligent design of the VBF unit uses a fluidization dosing system to push product into the valve bag in a sustained flow until the bag is completely filled.  Thanks to its multi-fluidization options, segregation of heterogeneous products is avoided, maintaining the distribution of the different components of the product inside the bag. Corner-free section design with no mechanical elements can be quickly cleaned when changing products. An intuitive & simple system to operate.


450 bags per/hour




  • Flexible production
  • Optimised bagging of powder products
  • Gentle on product
  • Minimised dust emissions
  • Durability, even when handling abrasive products
  • Adaptability to high hygiene standards
  • Easy operation
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Easy cleaning
  • Rapid change over between products
  • No moving parts in product zone for low maintenance and product protection


  • Anti-corrosion versions for corrosive products
  • Anti-abrasion versions
  • ATEX versions for work in Classified Zones
  • Food-grade and hygienic versions
  • Construction in Stainless Steel
  • Seat for operator (filled bags fall onto the belt automatically)
  • LERSAC V automatic bag placer
  • Automatic regulation of fluidisation valves through recipes
  • Dosing through knife gate valve and food-grade hose
  • Multi-fluidisation for heterogeneous mixtures.
  • Focused de-dusting pipes to minimise dust in the environment
  • Blower soundproofing enclosures
  • Safety valve at blower outlet
  • Inflatable spout for reduced dust while filling


With outputs up to 450 bags per hour this filler is well positioned to cover a variety of process size and throughput requirements. The Ilerfil V Manual valve bagger is intuitive to use with no technical training required to operate. This along with being almost maintenance-free ensures this unit is a favourite of leading brands across the globe.